Bunch Bakeshop

We are Bunch Bakeshop—a sweet, homegrown bakery,
we’ve got goodness to give, and sweet treats, we’ve got plenty.

We do think you should know, we are gluten-free!
but, we’re more than just that, we’ve got great personality.
(if we do say so ourselves.)

Cookies and cakes, sweets and savories galore,
for all to enjoy, and not one tastes like cardboard.

(Don’t believe us? Well, just watch us beam with delight
when our goods are devoured, not one crumb left in sight.)

We’re proud of our recipes, made from scratch and delicious,
We’ve got something to satisfy all those sweet-tooth wishes.

Our cupcakes and crackers, our breads and our brownies,
are all fit for the finest, and safe for that pesky gluten-allergy.

And, though we often speak in jest, in rhyme and in whimsy,
our vision is clear and our mission not flimsy.

The best bakery in town, the finest in the bunch, you could say!
We are here to give sweetness.
To give plenty.
To give quality.
We’re just here giving goodness—simple, honest, plain old goodness—each day.

Bunch Bakeshop.
Give Goodness.



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