Clausen Farm

We are drawn to the things that came before us. It is who we are. We are driven by an inescapable spirit of nostalgia that awaits the call of the people, the places, the land and the life lived upon it—the before.

The identity of Clausen Farm was developed out of the deep story of the New York estate. The property, original established by 1800s beer baron Henry Clausen as a summer home, has since been purchased with the intention of bringing forward that tradition of leisure, craftsmanship, and belonging.

When designing the brand mark and identity, the horseshoe reference, which of course does mimic the family crest’s “C,” came also from family horse heritage, and the spirit of leisure, games, and play that inhabit the place. The Clover, or club, also represents the concept of leisure and games, referencing the card games played in the former Gentleman’s Club Casino on the property.

That spirit beckons us, “come, stay, set aside, and set apart.” A warmly familiar voice, it calls us to join in. To belong to a place built and revered by generations before, generations who sought what we seek. It pulls us to belong to something much more than ourselves, much more than our heres and our nows. To belong to the before.

We are Clausen Farm, and we revere—as those who came before us—this place built on rest and respite. Built on community and craft and celebration. Built on leisure and luxuries, given as fruits of labor.

We are a place to belong to the before.

To communities past—their relationships and personalities and stories are written in well-worn wood grain. Their voices ring through green pastures, and the walls whisper their secrets.

To a life set apart—a place separated from passing time, where yesterday is as real as today. Where time is slowed down for enjoyment and leisure, and a youthful innocence helps us to taste the sweetness of life amplified.

To tradition—a tradition of community that has drawn family and friends to return, year after year, in celebration of each other and their pastimes. To play, to retreat, to create, to enjoy life—time after time—with each other.

To a guild of craftsmen—who brewed, cooked, practiced, and created here. Who did so with uncompromising enthusiasm for quality and excellence. Who celebrated the craft with utmost respect for the process.

To the land—the hills and trees that came before us. The vistas that have always inspired. To belong to the land and to the buildings upon it that hold us, as they still hold those who built them.

We are Clausen Farm. We are a place to belong to something much bigger than the here and the now. A place built by the people who came before us. A place whose history invites us to belong to the things in life that have always been, and will always be, beautiful.

We are Clausen Farm. We belong to the before.



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