Our Approach

Creating or enhancing a company’s or an institution’s identity is a critical initiative. However, to be truly effective, an identity cannot just be the external projection or “face” that is created and applied to an organization. At Slaughter Group, we have developed our own proprietary approach for creating identities that extend from a company’s core philosophies, beliefs, and strategies: Ethocentrics. It is based on our belief that a strong identity must be built from the “inside out.” It starts from capturing critical insight into of the core “ethos” of an organization and then radiates outward to reflect the correct external expression of the company’s true identity. It means having clear definition of corporate culture and core values, as well as business strategy before attempting to create a new or revitalized identity. Dynamic brand identities are built on authenticity and driven by purpose.

We believe one of the most important strategic advantages a company can have is its unique organizational culture. That success often has more to do with enduring company values, with personal beliefs and commitment, and with shared vision and purpose than with market trends, share, or competitive barriers to entry. And ultimately, in any business, we believe success comes down to the brand covenant, the two-tier promise first established with employees (those who serve) and then, moving inside out, with customers (those who are served). We assist companies in identifying and defining their purpose, mission, and values in order to help revitalize their performance. This approach calling for the building of a strong, internal culture with an alignment of business strategy with an inspired purpose, mission, and values is vital for the creation of a cohesive, high performing organization.



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