When a startup, luxury goods resource group asked us to create their new brand identity, we went on the hunt. Their model was a presentation of the best goods from around the world and, in many cases, from far, out of the way places. Their brand promise was built around the idea of uncovering the elusive best for their customers. Envisioned as an extraordinary online experience, it had to be highly visual. So the concept for the name was born out of an idea of relentlessly seeking out, hunting for the elusive. Our own hunt for the name took us, metaphorically, to the rugged mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Hidden in this harsh, snowy terrain is gold and precious metals. But for 1000 years in this remote region there has been a treasure even more prized, even more rare. A dog. To be more specific, a sighthound. Tireless hunters for their masters, this breed of dog hunts not by smell, but by sight. And by speed. The breed is called a Taigan.


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