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Devote1 is a multidisciplinary brand and design consultancy. We solve business challenges for our clients through holistic campaign integration across design, marketing, communications, and digital channels. We help brands create better human experiences that lead to deeper brand loyalty and accomplish measurable business goals.

Brand design, graphic design, product design, interior design, garden design, architectural design, and interactive design all work, not as unilateral, one-dimensional efforts for brand communication, but in a cross-disciplinary approach to create multidimensional human experiences. The goal is not to create better communications. The goal is to create better, more endearing, and more significant human experiences.

Our philosophy is quite simple. Our creativity is our gift to be used to impact2 the lives of others. Our role is to be a servant leader. We lead with creativity, but it is grounded in the purpose to always inspire, enlighten, nurture, and motivate. The destination may be to raise shareholder value or to raise the level of giving. It may be to stimulate purpose or to stimulate growth. Our impact is indeed measured by those returns. But along the path toward that destination, we intend to sow seeds that will bear even richer fruit. The results are immeasurable. It’s the yield of lives improved. It is thus in blurring the lines of the secular and the sacred that we feel our gifts are used in the way for which they were created. And we have found that when we are faithful to our mission3 and to our philosophy, it is then that we make the impact of lasting significance.

This is Devote. It is a giving of oneself to a cause or a person. A solemn vow. A commitment. A pledge. The word devote is not a noun. It’s not an adjective. It is a verb. We devote. We devote ourselves to truth and beauty, and to the common good. Our prayer is not to devote ourselves unto ourselves, but to devote ourselves unto others, unto one another. To devote is to be intentional. It is not a reaction. It is an intentional action. We solemnly devote ourselves to excellence, love, integrity, compassion, kindness, responsibility, innovation, hospitality, and joy. Devote4. It is the abandonment of ourselves to something bigger, something more significant.

In truth and beauty, and for the common good.