Royce Group

Hazelrig Realty

Brandmark for an experienced realty company.  


To find space in a busy market, a busy world, is a process. To navigate the world of real estate requires a perspective of guidance and truth. We seek to bring integrity to the process. We seek to offer a guiding hand. We seek to add honesty and transparency while seeking the perfect space. We […]

Founders Station

Brand identity for a new mixed-use development in the heart of Birmingham’s city center. Founders station is a unique space that offers as-is and built-to-suit units as well as a coveted green-space and an attractive outdoor atmosphere, all within a vibrant, walkable, and ever-growing downtown.

Royse Group

When designing for New York Real Estate firm, Royse Group, we built off of the promise of Opening Doors: to opportunities, to new situations, and to exciting futures, we created a modern brand identity. Utilizing the 2:1 ratio that is found in the composition of most door, we created an alphabet based on that grid. […]