Hancock Whitney

Comprehensive brand identity development and strategic implementation plan for a Gulf South financial institution.

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When Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank merged, the opportunity arose to combine two strong and loyal customer bases and two dedicated teams of associates through one common mission, one common identity. Since the early 1900s, the financial institution in its various forms has been dedicated to helping its customers attain their goals and live out their dreams. In 2017, that dedication became expressly manifest as we developed the brand’s new identity and set forth it’s positioning: The Bank of Dreams.

Your Dream. Our Mission.


A result of their deeply held core values, we created a brand promise for Hancock Whitney. Your Dream. Our Mission. From that brand promise, we developed a corporate visual identity system for the brand.

Through a strategic brand identity rollout across the footprint, we helped the Hancock Whitney brand become visible to the public. From brandmark and logotype, to website, collateral, and designing and deploying signage for every branch across the footprint, we told the Hancock Whitney story. We produced client stories, testimonials of customers living their own dreams through the help of Hancock Whitney. We designed ATMs and debit cards, bank slips and mobile apps. And through it all, one mission. Hancock Whitney. Your Dream. Our Mission.

The word dream was the primary inspiration for the mark. Initially it was just a shape that rose above the type and was moving forward. We felt that the mark should consider both sides of the partnership, as the history of Hancock and Whitney banks were is each rich. We combined H and a W using the a triangular form as a building block. The triangle itself helps to form the W but also represents the dream—rising above and going out. Going forward. In many ways, we, along with Hancock Whitney, hoped to encourage customers to “go confidently in the directions of their dreams.”