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Devote. It is the abandonment of ourselves to something bigger, something more significant.


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Heiwa Heiwa

An international symbol of peace; A campaign to inspire change.

Sadako Sasaki was a Japanese girl born in 1943; a victim of the Hiroshima bombing and the after effects of nuclear radiation exposure. While undergoing treatment for Leukemia, her father told her the legend of the origami paper cranes — their significance in the pursuit and symbolism of peace. She committed herself to the goal of folding 1000 cranes as healing meditation, not simply for her own body but for the world.

When the choir director at Hernando Middle School in Mississippi learned of this story, read a poem about Sasaki, he wrote a song for his students to perform.


Their message was peace and hope, and they delivered it on national stages, receiving awards and recognition for their talents and the power of their performance.

For their performance, Devote created a meditative brochure— one with minimal information, on heavy stock, designed to be weighty in the hands of the viewer.

It was scored with lines across the paper and included a link to a website that gave more information about the performers, and it also include directions in how to fold the brochure into a paper crane.

Once to the website, the viewer enters an infinite scroll of falling paper cranes, each one representing a member of the choir.

The site also shares step-by-step instructions for folding the paper program into a crane. The site enhanced the performance by allowing the audience to be present in the theater and relive the experience on their own after its conclusion.

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