Project C

For the David Mathews Center for Civic Life [letter]L[/letter]ife is about making choices. Some are personal, and some have to do with the life we live with others and the problems we share with them. For example, what should we do when violence, bullying, or drugs invade our schools? Making choices forces us to deal with tensions like this, and the most difficult choices involve deciding what is really most important in a world where we can't get everything we want and everything we do has costs. This book covers the Civil Rights events of 1963, when segregation was more than a law—it was a custom deeply embedded in society. This custom shaped the tensions surrounding people's lives, and it affected them on a daily basis. Due to its profound impact on modern history, the David Mathews Center for Civic Life presents the readers of this book with different approaches to dealing with segregation, and the choices this country faced in order to end it.

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