Regions Bank

In developing a comprehensive brand identity, culture development program, and strategic implementation plan for a national financial institution, the commitment to the newly-developed mission was integral to each tactical initiative: To Make Life Better for associates, for customers, and for the world around.

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Shortly after Regions acquired and merged with AmSouth Bank, it became clear that with such recent growth and expansion, the mission and message of the institution should be defined, and truthfully celebrated, integrated throughout every internal and external expression of the brand. To Make Life Better was not simply the role of the bank as a whole, it became the responsibility and the joy of the associates of Regions and a call to action for those who encountered the brand.

As a part of a strategic implementation plan for the brand rollout, we worked alongside the Regions team and trusted partners to guide the entire process, from signage development and installation for each branch, annual report design and production and the creation of a Social Responsibility Report, and marketing brand extensions across the footprint.

After brand implementation, and during one of the worst economic downturns in decades, we worked alongside Regions and encouraged the bank to make a bold choice. In a time when all around, people were seeing the bad in the world, when financial entities institutions’ image were at an all time low, we encouraged people to See The Good. We created a not-for-profit site, campaign, and ongoing content initiative, whose express goal was to inspire and empower other associates, customers, and their communities with the small things in life that were simply Good. This powerful tool embodied the mission of Regions and the deeply-held values of the institution, serving powerfully in conjunction with the brand to Make Life Better.