The Southern Hotel

The historic Southern Hotel has been in downtown Covington for over a century. A center for business gathering and commerce, the hotel was an integral part of the community. It was the cornerstone of Covington.

In the 1970’s, after over sixty years of service, the hotel closed its doors. In the time since it has housed a drug store, various offices, or nothing at all. What was once a centerpiece for the city was forgotten, and a piece of the community was lost.


The Condreys always felt connected to Covington and to the hotel. They care deeply about the town. Its people. Its history. Year after year they would drive through the city and see the abandoned hotel, all the while knowing that it should once again be what it had been. A hub. A connecting place. A source of pride for a deserving city.

The hotel needed saving. So, they saved it.

A two-year painstaking restoration restored the historic hotel to its original grandeur, and re-opened it to the public.

It was what the city needed. A place for the people to come together. A place for community. A place the people can take pride in. A place for hospitality. A place for history.

History that accommodates.


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